TORCH VIP Day – Visioning, Intuition, and Purpose

Deep Dive IN Experience that will KATAPULT WISDOM and bring you home to YOU. Build a Spiritually personalized care plan that will support you to unfold from inside out.

" Lynn advised and assisted in the early organization of Newman Hall's Newman Service Corps in Berkeley, CA. At the time, I served as a Team Leader for the Corps.

Her dedicated to helping us grow as a group, and encouragement to increase our scope of impact was invaluable. Lynn's expertise with social justice, environmental, and equity issues in the local community where eye opening.

Lynn's passion is tangible, and the energy she gives to others is real. She respected our individual goals, and guided the Corp to increase its scope and impact. The benefits and vast knowledge she brought to our project are transferable successes. After my experiences working with Lynn, I believe she is extremely valuable to any Project."

Devin P Richards:

Senior Policy Analyst at the University of California

"Lynn has a solid reputation as an excellent teacher and practitioner of natural health care. I would happily recommend clients to her."

William Tara: Natural Health Consultant

"Spiritual wisdom is all about formatting our life to build in a place to see. Birth and Death give us a window, or bookend of our lives. In between birth and death is your life pathway which I call your cup of life. This life path is a place that is a sweetness of change and it continues throughout your life. The cup is precious and kind or harsh and chaotic.

I will support you in bridging the many areas of your life force so that you can bring clear intentions to your cup so it is a drink that sustains corners of your soul that unites you will your own internal compass. Following your North star and wading through ancestry, family dynamics, health conditions, environmental lifestyle, I will guide you to steady the cup and keep it contained within the fluidity of what life brings you.

Your precious and the 21st century is the time when each of us has to live between birth and death with clear, clean, and precision like that of an archer.. that will let you live your fullest most bountiful presence of your self. "

Mama Lynn

As humans, our greatness is not so much in being able to remake the world, as in being able to remake ourselves.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Food is what we are made of and when we feed the soul with cellular practices, we find the sweetness that life has to offer. I work with Peace, Health, Environment, and Tech in the work that I do. I believe we are at a deep and sincere change each and every day. We are moving fast in the 21st century with all the technology and energy coming our way... I hope you take a moment, take a sweet breath, and know that the taste of the nectar that makes up who you are, what you do, and how you take actions is how you impact the world. It is so important to find that sweet spot and if I can help you achieve that, let me know.

Sincerely Lynn Chittick


Please answer these questions and email them to thetorchfamily@gmail.com when you are complete and we will set up a 30 min consult:

+ How has your work influenced your time and energy?

+ What is stirring for your to live to your highest potential?

+ Why are your feeling a need to transforming your life?

+ When was the last time you felt the deep wonder of your internal core? what was it like?

+ Are you willing to invest into your life with time, energy, and $ to create the life you deserve?

+ What inspiration and passion do you want to be inspired for in your life in the next year?

+ How often are you living from your dream?

+ Is there anything you would like to share?

+ What inspires you to work spend a VIP day with Rev. Lynn Chittick?

+ Are you using any practices now? If so, what are they? and if or what holds you back from practice?

+ If we have offerings and specials would you like to be on our mailing list?

Working with Rev Lynn Chittick is going to be a day where you put down your phone, engage in your own inspired self, and deepen some of the places that may be holding you back. She will go deep into a practice that will open you and help you express. She has been teaching and exemplifying deep witness to many over the years. What is most asked is that you take an extra day to journal the day after working with her. You will return on the third day for an hour and conclude with great insight and inspiration for you, the you that your inspired to be.

Price upgrade if you need a Health Consultation along with VIP day. Lynn will go into ancestry and open up some areas that may not be seen.

This special VIP day will help you clarify, redefine your purpose, and dramatically align you with your extra-ordinary self and align you will a design to move you forward.

Please let me know if you have any questions! We are here to serve you!

This is for you if you know you are ready for the Next Level!



HOLY WISDOM, HOLY WORD Every SUNDAY with Rev Lynn Chittick

"I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE" Jesus

"Your extraordinary when you spend time opening towards the seed of soul calling out your name" Mama Lynn

"Move towards health, it is your bountiful energy that is needed here now" Mama Lynn

How we bring the heart into our work?

Lynn has been working with college students since the early 1990's from Cornell, Wells University, UC BERKELEY, Bard College, and people form all over the world. She brings you to your heart and secures a strong influence for you to live from your deep joy

"Act without doing, work without effort, Think of the small as large and the few as many. Confront the difficult while it is still easy; accomplish the great task by ta series of small acts.

The master never reaches for the great; thus she achieves greatness. When she runs into a difficulty, she stops and gives herself to it. She doesn't cling to her own comfort; thus problems are no problem for her."

Tao te Ching #63

"TURN-KEY GLEANINGS of YOUR PRECISION is about TURN-Ki LIFE FORCE that changes your work that aligns with your SOUL!" mama lynn

"Be the comprehensive love you are meant to be, journey to the stars, and embrace the earth as you are always walking with her. " Mama Lynn

"Life is within your reach reason not respond to the simplicity and return to self over and over flowers drop the seed, release and bountifully plant thousands more... so do you.... grow the sweet smell of the rose... know that thorns are there to serve as a change, and know deeply you are loved" mama Lynn

"I will fill my heart with the peace of meditation. I will pour heartfuls of my joy into peace thirsty souls" Yogananda


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