Wonder, Curiosity, and Passion

Lynn Chittick RN MA MDIV

"If you are what should be, you will set the whole world on fire" St Catherine of Sienna

Lynn Chittick, founder of TORCH (The Organization for Realizing Change in Humanity) has been working in global markets for more than 20 years. Her current project with TORCH has been focused in Pakistan since 2017 working on local to global ideas for entrepreneurs to work together through strong collaboration locally and globally for economic and sustainable growth. Lynn calls the new model c2c.earth, a collaboration to collaboration model. The work involves a new feminine approach to support men and women to work together.

She has provided support to entrepreneurs, school administrators, universities, and business owners with services to secure rural incubator systems that support change for economic growth. Through both her experience in Pakistan and as a former business owner, Lynn believes in shared economic relationships. Business owners must organize their business with future generations in mind.

Lynn also provides spiritual direction, health consulting, and development for structural change both to individuals, and organizations.

Lynn’s business experience includes both wholesale and retail in organic foods and macrobiotics for over 30+ years. She is also a theologian focused on cultural, multi-diverse, and generational issues.

Lynn has developed a system change model in Technology, Environment, Peace, and Health platform. Learn more about one TORCH project at TORCHSEEDS.com.

Lynn has worked as a Registered Nurse for 14 years, is a mother of five children, and a grandmother of seven. The UNA Marin chapter welcomes Lynn as one of our newest board members.

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