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Welcome to Lynn Chittick's work

Lynn Chittick RN MA MDIV

Lynn has been TEACHING Eco Inspired Living for 30+ years. Currently she is CEO of TORCH: The Organization for Realizing Change in Humanity. Lynn has been working with both East and West medicine, certified through Cornell University in plant based medicine, and uses a diagnostic test through a hair analysis Cell Well-Being to support clients with optimal health. While using her theological approach to sustainability, she is on the board of local UN UNA Chapter. She is a speaker, lecturer, consultant, and creative.

Environment Consulting

Lynn has more than 35 years of experience changing your mindset to live in a world that will help sustain the next 7 generations. Bring yourself, your family, your community or organizational business, your international or government to the next level in ENVIRONMENTAL CLARITY

Health Consulting

Lynn started counseling serious cancer patients and degenerative diseases in the early 1990's. She has developed simple ways that fit YOU! Personal cooking classes, daily health practices, and designing a Table Talk Health Care Plan will change your life... so sit down, have a cup of tea, and take a deep breath for a consultation that sparks your greatest desires.

Business Consulting

If you want to learn more about living an eco-inspired life and want to transition to being an ECO INSPIRED LIVING business owner.....please press Learn More..... take an Action of Impact and work with my amazing son Adam Farver as a SOLAR rep or contact below to ask questions.

Spiritual Consulting

Personalized Coaching

Get Motivation Any Time, Any Place. Learn What Life Coaching can do for you

Personalized Coaching

Lynn has inspired thousands across the global

May we live internally with the deep wisdom and beauty that creates locally, sustainably, and spiritually for ourselves, for our family, and for our communities. Lynn strives to serve a multinational, multicultural, and help multi-international communities connect.

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Get Motivation Any Time, Any Place. Learn What Life Coaching can do for you...

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Lynn Chittick

For Healthy Cells

Lynn uses deep intuitive insight that will transform the way you thought about health in the first place... let yourself experience YOU.

Curiosity, Wonder, Passion

You are the SPARK

The Light is within each individual, each family, each community, governments, countries. We play so small and Lynn helps open people to their true potential. Lynn is a thought leader for the 21st century that simplifies the way we live. Join her and see how she unifies, clarifies, and connects individuals to the great LIGHT that they are!!

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be the light you were meant to be and live a renewable lifestyle.

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